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The digitalization of business processes can easily carry a variety of benefits for businesses. It enables them to group people, connect departments, and run low-risk diagnostic exams. This can boost a industry’s performance and profit margins. It may also help them take care of their income, which can be a significant concern when times are tough.

Since the planet’s population grows up increasingly digital, businesses must continue to evolve to keep up. In addition to elevating efficiency, digitalization has the potential to improve connection, supply cycle processes, and staff security. It can also help businesses respond to economic crises more quickly. Digitalization will in addition help businesses collect and analyze a lot of data. A large number of processes, including supply places to eat and customer observations, becomes easier to control through the make use of of digital forms.

Digitalization also provides businesses with a competitive advantage, when consumers are progressively comparing goods and services. This has sent many companies to step up their game and provides the best customer experience. In addition , digitalization leads to an untapped source of know-how and know-how. Companies should find out how to harness these resources to develop new reasons for surplus economical value.

The shift to digitalization as well increases the acceleration of customer decision-making. Six out of ten purchasers will study products web based before making a selection. In addition , two-thirds of customers will do this just before visiting a retail store. The digital environment is making it easier for buyers to get into information anytime, anywhere.

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November 19, 2021

All –

One of the many important things accomplished at the Annual General Meeting of TOGA was the election of the 2022 Board of Directors. I’m pleased to announce them here. I’m totally confident that this great group of experienced and committed volunteers will lead us to bigger and better things in 2022. Here they are –

  • President – Joe Buche COL (R) and former RCO
  • VP – Jeff Stitzel CSM (R) and former RSM
  • Secretary – Michael Brock LTC (R)
  • Treasurer – Ralph Jones
  • Directors –
    • Dave Book
    • Marty Cassidy
    • Nelson Forsburg
    • Ray Stender
    • Tyler Willbanks
    • Mike Winter

Please join me in congratulating the 2022 TOGA Board of Directors. They will take over on January 1st.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank PRIDE Editor Karin Markert for her many years of service to TOGA. She is stepping down and will be sorely missed. Please contact me or any of the Directors if you know of someone who might be willing to serve as our editor of the newsletter. We need to fill this slot as soon as possible.

Old Guard,

Flip Godfrey, President

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12 November 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

I want to take a minute to recognize and commend all those who played a part in the planning and execution of the Centennial of Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The significance of this undertaking cannot be overstated. I am in awe of how the planners pulled together the educational, visual, virtual and participation aspects of the celebration. It was so much more than a joint force ceremony. It not only provided opportunities for local, state and national involvement, it reached out and pulled in our long-time allies in Europe who played a major role 100 years ago and ever since.

I can’t possibly name all those who were involved but I know the following people were among those instrumental in the planning and execution – Regimental Commanding Officer COL Patrick Roddy – Former RCO COL (R) Jim Laufenberg – Former RCO and current TOGA Director COL (R) Joe Buche – Sentinel and DMOR SGM (R) Gavin McIlvenna. I know they worked on this for almost two years. I’m happy for them that it was a beautiful day in Arlington National Cemetery where the world was able to tune in and share in this important moment in history that apparently went off without a hitch.

This has to go down as one of The Old Guards’ very special moments. Congratulations to all who played a part!

Old Guard,

Philip “Flip” Godfrey, President