About the Old Guard Association

The Old Guard Association (TOGA) was formed as the result of a conversation between an Old Guard Regimental Commander and a former Old Guardsman during the 1997 Veteran's Day observance at Arlington National Cemetery. A series of follow-on meetings soon established clear-cut goals and a mission for TOGA.

Mission Statement

  • To establish a permanent organization and further develop the common bond existing between all who have served with the 3d United States Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard).
  • To maintain public records and publish the history and achievements of The Old Guard.
  • To be of assistance and service in matters pertaining to veterans of The Old Guard.
  • To perpetuate the memory of our deceased veterans of The Old Guard.
  • To maintain close liaison with the active duty members of The Old Guard currently serving in the National Capital Region.
  • To recognize outstanding Old Guard achievements with appropriate presentations.
  • To publish a newsletter titled PRIDE to further TOGA's mission.

TOGA Facts

  • Number of active members: 1156.
  • The Old Guard Association Memorial Plaque and Stone in ANC were dedicated on November 11,1998.
  • TOGA has contributed 10s of thousands of dollars over the years in support of TOG active duty Soldiers. 

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