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Welcome to The Old Guard Association (TOGA) Historian’s Corner.

In the Summer 2007 PRIDE, we requested TOGA membership support to The Old Guard (TOG) Museum and during our last reunion, some of our members were interviewed by Kirk Heflin about their remembrances in TOG. We would like to continue this program, so if you have any photos you wish to share with the museum or answer their questionnaire on your experiences in TOG, please contact him at:

Any photos you provide will be scanned at the museum and returned to you. Just remember to fully identify what the photo is, who is in it, and when it took place. You may also send photos to me and I will scan them into my computer as well so I can feature or mail to 1195 Old County Road, Arnold, MD 21012.

Many thanks for your support to this worthwhile program for our TOG heritage.

I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your photos, stories, and remembrances to share with all of our members.

Any period of time with TOG is welcome, whether it was at Fort Myer,
Fort McNair, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or anywhere else TOG has served.

Pete McDermott
TOGA Historian

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