President: Montie Wagner   Nelson Forsburg
Vice President: Phil Godfrey   Greg Gardner
Secretary: Bill Morris   Don Livingston
Treasurer: Chris Suttinger   David J. Nelson
  Bob Pricone
    Ray Stender

Staff Officers

Sergeant-at-Arms: Nelson Forsburg   Quartermaster: Ronna Layne
Counsel:   Membership: Brett P. Reistad / Mike Winter
Newsletter Editor: Karin Markert   Public Relations: Brett P. Reistad
Historian: Pete McDermott   Parliamentarian: Bob Pricone
Recruiting: Marty Cassidy   Chaplain: Montie Wagner
Regiment Liason: Kerry Kolhof   Registration: Ray Stender
Hotel Liaison: Montie Wagner    

Military Advisors

RCO COL Jason Garkey   CSM Scott Beeson

President Emeritus

CSM (R) Thomas Twomey

Missing in Action

We have Old Guard Association members that have had their mail returned to us with no forwarding address. Can you help us obtain a current address? Click here for the list.